Enterprises Ignoring Windows Vista? Is Windows Vista another ME?

Enterprises pass on IE7, Windows Vista, Forrester says

Microsoft hasn't pried IE6, Windows XP from business users' hands. Many businesses are still sticking to Windows XP, even for their new PC purchases. If you take a look at the market place. Many vendors of PC hardware are still offering PC's based on Windows XP to clients and seems like they are selling them better than the one's loaded with Vista.

I guess this trend is mainly due to the belief that Windows never becomes stable until a SP1 or SP2.

Microsoft is having problems getting enterprises to give up Internet Explorer 6 and Windows XP for the new IE7 and Vista, according to surveys of more then 50,000 corporate users done throughout 2007.

Both IE6 and Windows XP are entrenched and showed little signs of weakening their lock on businesses, said Reedwan Iqbal, a researcher with Forrester Research. "A lot of critical enterprise applications are still not compatible with IE7," Iqbal said today in explaining one reason why corporations have stayed with the older IE6.

Forrester, which conducted monthly surveys throughout 2007 of more than 50,000 enterprise users, said that only 30 per cent of corporate Internet Explorer users had switched to IE7 by year's end. "Even with Microsoft spoon feeding users high-priority automatic updates, enterprise apathy is proving extremely difficult to overcome," said the report, which was published last Thursday.

Microsoft released IE7 in October 2006 and started pushing it to users via Automatic Updates in early December of that year.

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Enterprises pass on IE7, Windows Vista, Forrester says

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