Is Microsoft delivering Windows 7 in 2009?

Many articles has popped up on the internet which says that Microsoft will release the operating system Windows 7, an upgrade to its Windows Vista by the year 2009.

A word also came from the man himself, Bill Gates about this news. Apparently the new release is trying to be made on a kernel that is supposed to be just 100 files and 25 MB compared to the 5000 files or 4 GB core that comes with Vista.

That is going to be very interesting!

This defintely means that life of the Vista is quite short in the exclusive terms. The least-loved version of Windows has long been Windows Millennium Edition (ME), a buggy minor upgrade that was superseded by XP within a year of its release. Despite its far greater - some would say, too great - technical ambition, Vista may end up lumped together with ME as one of the major blips on Windows' long-term roadmap.

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